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precinct / избирательный участок, граница, избирательный округ
имя существительное
избирательный участок
border, boundary, limit, bound, frontier, precinct
избирательный округ
constituency, district, electorate, precinct, seat, division
имя существительное
a district of a city or town as defined for police purposes.
Data collection took place in nine police precincts in Baltimore City between January and August 1995.
the area within the walls or perceived boundaries of a particular building or place.
all strata of society live within these precincts
an area in a town designated for specific or restricted use, especially one that is closed to traffic.
a pedestrian precinct
The car park was an historic castle precinct .
In the second phase, which has not even been costed yet, an attempt would be make to make the art gallery, city library and King's Manor more a part of the St Mary's Abbey precinct .
"No plans were submitted which showed the bridging of the pedestrian precinct .
Assigning police to work outside their precinct served both to insulate them from improper local influences, and to spread the work throughout the department.
After his call had come in, another precinct , closer to his position, had dispatched officers to help him.
at the precinct a desk sergeant ran through her ID
The central vote-counter was not programmed to expect more than 32,000 votes in any single precinct .
Absentee ballots will be delivered after the polls close to each precinct .
The provision of a model would give a better idea of the size and layout of the abbey and its precinct .
At the centre of the city was a sacred precinct with numerous public buildings.