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preceptor / наставник
имя существительное
mentor, tutor, preceptor, monitor, schoolmaster, edifier
имя существительное
a teacher or instructor.
Weekly inservice programs can help educate potential preceptors about precepting students.
All details of his upbringing, training and education are to be guided by the preceptor .
A faculty preceptor from each school assumed the responsibility for selecting students and the on-site supervision of the student research assistants.
Her peers compliment her on being an excellent teacher, preceptor and team member.
The educator then placed the student with a preceptor for that day.
Ideally, the preceptor fosters an open learning environment.
For Tagore, the teacher is a preceptor whose living example is more important and influential than his learning or scholarship.
At four schools, preceptors were available for counseling and to act as resource people.
The challenge for nurse preceptors is that perioperative education takes place in a complex environment.
After the classroom component of the program was completed, the educators and manager placed the students with preceptors in the clinical areas.
Many career centers facilitate establishment of internships and preceptorships .