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precedence / первенство, предшествование, старшинство
имя существительное
championship, primacy, precedence, pas, anteriority
precedence, antecedence, precedency
seniority, precedence, superiority, priority, precedency, anteriority
имя существительное
the condition of being considered more important than someone or something else; priority in importance, order, or rank.
his desire for power soon took precedence over any other consideration
Power generation was given precedence because thermal power was in great demand in summer.
It was a war in which close air support and interdiction often took precedence over strategic attack.
If it becomes, in effect, a European Union constitution, it will take legal precedence over our own.
Just as in a ceremony there is an order of precedence , so also in news.
He felt that an individual's character took precedence over what they looked like.
Each cardinal approaches the altar, according to the order of precedence .
And that is the profit imperative taking precedence over everything else.
But the urge to entertain took precedence over basic common sense.
This order of precedence can be important if both teams are close to winning.
The order of precedence among legal heirs is defined by the degree of proximity of kinship.