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precede / предшествовать, превосходить, предпосылать
precede, forego, come before, antedate, antecede, forerun
exceed, transcend, surpass, excel, beat, precede
preface, precede, premise, prefix, introduce
come before (something) in time.
a gun battle had preceded the explosions
Patients nearly always have multiple renal cysts, which usually precede development of liver cysts.
take time to read the chapters that precede the recipes
he let her precede him through the gate
Film directors and community representatives will be in attendance at numerous film screenings, and public forums will precede various films.
A clear and vivid mental picture must always precede the actual picture on paper.
he let her precede him through the gate
Given the gory, carnage strewn 250-plus pages that precede that statement, the reader can only nod dumbly in agreement.
They precede adjectives: many clever people, not clever many people; my poor friend, not poor my friend.
There is a real fear that his lack of form could be affecting those that precede him in the batting order.
Symptoms of the common cold usually precede onset.