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precast / сборный, заводского изготовления, сборного типа
имя прилагательное
made, prefabricated, precast, collecting, fabricated, scratch
заводского изготовления
сборного типа
cast (an object or material, typically concrete) in its final shape before positioning.
precast concrete beams
In 1979, a certain young concrete engineer was responsible for an onsite precast operation that was producing segmental bridge units.
Also repeated were precast concrete sunshields above the windows that were sized to fit into the surrounding brick dimensions.
There are precast paving stones in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors that are perfect for borders.
Construction is of finely finished precast concrete panels, with the recessed top storeys having steel structure and cedar cladding.
Low-cost precast concrete tiles are set in sand over a standard membrane roof to create exterior decks.
This can make them less suitable for some precast and concrete paving applications, especially where mixing times tend to be very short.
The well is precast in the proper height, width, and length, and the entire stairwell is cast into it as well.
The hard part about installing precast concrete countertops is lifting them into position.
Key to the effort was the fast production of specialized machines that fabricated precast concrete girders and fitted their edges with milled steel flanges.
The deck is being constructed with curving precast segmental elements, cast onsite, that add to the attractiveness of the project.