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preachy / любящий поучать
имя прилагательное
любящий поучать
didactic, preachy
имя существительное
любящий проповедовать
имя прилагательное
having or revealing a tendency to give moral advice in a tedious or self-righteous way.
some were put off by the preachy tone of these stories
Still, he says the band's shows aren't meant to be preachy .
The narrative would benefit from more structure, especially towards the end, which feels loose and a bit preachy .
The themes of the film are worn on its striped, embroidered sleeve, and often the script gets preachy with its sanctimonious moralizing.
Then it gets preachy , and even boring in the name of realism.
His need to impart lessons about baseball and life tends to make him sound, at times, preachy and sanctimonious.
We're just bashing around trying to do something meaningful, but not in a preachy sense.
Forgive me sounding preachy but the character in our neighbourhoods, heritage and iconic landscape will be utterly lost.
The result was a preachy didacticism that is more likely to conceal human truth than reveal it.
I think that makes my music less preachy and it also allows me to just talk about the regular things I go through.
Unfortunately, the ending comes far too abruptly and consequently feels kind of preachy and not at all in tune with the feeling of the rest of the play.