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preach / проповедовать, поучать, читать наставления
preach, sermonize, rant, peddle, pulpiteer
preach, edify, lesson, moralize, sermonize, tutor
читать наставления
deliver a sermon or religious address to an assembled group of people, typically in church.
he preached to a large congregation
Let's unite and preach that message loud and clear and consistently.
I appeal to communities in the Eastern Cape to form safety community networks and preach a message of dignity and respect for women.
Don't just sit here and preach from the pulpit.
In 1748 he gave protection to John Wesley after he tried to preach his message standing on the packhorse bridge.
Seek out television, radio, and print opportunities to preach the message of nondiscrimination.
There are many today who do not preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ.
They also preach tolerance of others with different beliefs.
Now he was free to preach his message to larger groups of people.
Very few people can actually bear to be nihilists; very few people can preach a message of paralysis and despair for long.
They do think they are so right and preach constantly.