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pre-teen / предподростковый
имя прилагательное
preteen, preadolescent
имя существительное
ребенок десяти-двенадцати лет
имя существительное
a child of just under the age of thirteen.
Well, the deal is some Harvard researchers decided to look at around 15,000 dieters, these people age 9 through 17, so preteens and teens.
имя прилагательное
of or relating to a child just under the age of thirteen.
So if you can survive moments of slow slapstick and pre-teen tantrums, you will really like the core of this film.
The dress was a knee length halter, with no sleeves, but just enough elastic to hold it onto Amanda's pre-teen chest.
They know most people equate comics with pre-teen fantasies of laser beams bouncing off glacial pecs.
So, we pressed play and fell into this glorious pre-teen memory of a perfect 80s democratic, utopian indie rock underground.
There's the protective dad seated next to his still-innocent, pre-teen daughter.
And the storylines are clever enough that even viewers who aren't pre-teen girls can get hooked on the show.
This type of behaviour will extend into the exuberantly fertile genteel, resulting in an explosion in demand for pre-teen notes of recognition.
I agree that passion and commitment are missing from the Scotland team, coupled with an inability to pass and receive a football, which our heroes and idols have been practising since pre-teen years.
That was all fine and dandy on a nice, gentle slope, but we were pre-teen speed demons.
There is nothing new in the issue of under age drinking but pre-teen drinking is a new phenomenon which is very worrying.