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pre-tax / до вычета налога
имя прилагательное
до вычета налога
имя прилагательное
(of income or profits) considered or calculated before the deduction of taxes.
pretax profits rose 23 percent
Overall, the group is expected to post pre-tax profits of £65m against £75m last time.
Lloyds reported a pre-tax profit of £1.6bn in the first half last year.
Operating profit, pre-tax income and net income were all up on 1999 figures.
As such, a pre-tax profit of £100m has been pencilled in by brokers.
It is expecting pre-tax profits to come in at £31.9m on Friday, down from £39.6m last time.
It allocates half of its pre-tax profits to dividends.
The self-employed personal contributions are not tax deductible, so one is paying it from pre-tax income.
Annual pre-tax profit is expected to be around £180m compared to £159m last year.
The company took on staff in 2001 and saw an increase in its turnover and pre-tax profit.
The profit shareout is based on 15 per cent of the company's pre-tax profit for 2000.