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pre-pay / предоплата
имя существительное
prepayment, prepay
платить вперед
Frank, prepay
pay for in advance.
prepaid health plans
After prepaying part of the business loan and setting aside funds for capital reserves, cash patronage refunds were distributed at the first annual meeting.
There's no penalty for prepaying your student loans, so you can shorten your loan term by making extra payments.
Postage stamps were originally construed as prepayment for the service of transporting letters and packages.
You may choose any amount between $5 and $35, and prepay the number of months you desire.
Drivers could be required to prepay traffic fees, either online or at street-level vending machines.
Employers prepay for spaces in designated centres.
Regional terminals in the Corn Belt quit taking orders for prepay ammonia in mid-December.
Like America, we are prepaying the expected costs of a demographic bulge in retirement.
Single service providers may refuse medical insurance reimbursements or require prepayments from patients.
Certain traffic and non-traffic offenses are prepayable .