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pre-exist / существовать до
существовать до
exist at or from an earlier time.
a preexisting contractual obligation
They are claims for injuries because the drugs caused dependency and injury which either did not pre-exist or did not do so to the same degree.
I would have thought that in order to found the entitlement it has to pre-exist and continue to exist.
What they really meant was that no model for how to film ‘The Hours’ could be said to pre-exist .
Does the type of sport help shape the individual or do pre-existing traits influence the person's choice of sport?
He came to the negotiations over the agreement with a pre-existing moral obligation to arrive at terms.
Language in this poem, as elsewhere in Sexton, pre-exists and dominates the subject.
For instance, I vowed in 1995 to listen to no music made after 1970-except for bands that had pre-existed and had released albums before that date.
For the Platonists, the soul is the human being; the intellect is eternal, and pre-exists and survives the body.
All across the country, there are pre-existing rivalries between teams and cities that are ripe for promotional exploitation.
We do believe in a pre-existence and that death is not the end of existence.