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pre-emptive / упреждающий
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
serving or intended to preempt or forestall something, especially to prevent attack by disabling the enemy.
preemptive action
Walt Disney, one of the four equal shareholders with pre-emptive rights alongside Carlton and Granada, may well pick up the holding.
His speech was a pre-emptive strike designed to prevent opponents from exploiting the war issue.
The auction of Odeon was sparked in June after one property investor failed to get other shareholders to accept his pre-emptive offer of 360 million pounds.
Meanwhile, if the latest Labour Court initiative fails, the government will take pre-emptive and decisive action against the strikers.
‘He likes to make pre-emptive offers’ said one longtime agent used to doing business with Lacroix.
The channel is owned equally by four companies and each has pre-emptive rights over the shares, which give them priority in the event of a sale.
However, the report which recommended that the council waive its pre-emptive right on the land was only submitted to Mkani's standing committee on January 20, 1999.
Some local residents advocate pre-emptive privatization of degraded communal lands to protect these areas from municipal encroachment.
One partner already has pre-emptive rights to buy the company's stake.
Nonetheless, revenues from pre-emptive purchases of Maori land were the mainstay of the Crown government's budget.