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pre-eminently / до высшей степени
above all; in particular.
this is preeminently the haying month throughout the northern states
Bacon, however, is pre-eminently a philosopher; Osler never forgets that he is a physician first, albeit a physician with a philosophical approach to his profession.
Although Neville was supremely competent both as a newspaper journalist and as a broadcaster, I always thought of him pre-eminently as a man of the arts.
The real ‘Key West lime juice’ is a gourmet's delight, pre-eminently suited for use in a variety of pastry pies.
Before his involvement in the Piltdown excavations, Teilhard was nothing more than a young priest with aspirations in science, who had collected fossils and pre-eminently fossil sea urchins, in Egypt.
The answer is that the clubs lay at the heart of industrial Lanarkshire and football was pre-eminently the game of steelworkers, miners and shipbuilders.
the novel is pre-eminently a realistic genre