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prayerful / молитвенный, богомольный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(of an action or event) characterized by or expressive of prayer.
prayerful self-examination
I was somewhat gloomy and depressed those days, but I felt refreshed by the surrounding trees and prayerful atmosphere.
My other memory of him was that of a prayerful person.
It was in that prayerful atmosphere, as he pondered the greatness of the Lord and fixed his mind on God's love, that this writer felt as if he were being drawn into the inner chamber of the Lord.
Effigies of their parents, Richard and Magdalen, are sheltered in a magnificent canopied tomb in the south transept, eight prayerful and reverent children gathered behind them.
A quiet prayerful atmosphere always prevails at Crohill Mass Rock, which stands in a small sheltered field on the top of Crohill in the townland of Crobane.
Plan two is inspired by an Islamic courtyard, intended originally as a place for prayerful contemplation.
For John, mystical theology is a gift of grace by which a prayerful person stands before and has some kind of experience of the presence of God.
Well, 60 years ago, a worried and prayerful mother wrote a detailed diary about her three sons fighting in World War II.
They were, he said, spiritually minded, prayerful and generous.
The people of Tinryland expressed their sorrow in prayerful ways during the week.