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pray / молиться, помолиться, просить
pray, offer prayers, bend the knee, be at one's devotions
ask, beg, seek, pray, invite, plead
имя существительное
prayer, pray, grace, petition, blessing, orison
request, application, plea, petition, wish, pray
address a solemn request or expression of thanks to a deity or other object of worship.
the whole family is praying for Michael
used as a preface to polite requests or instructions.
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As all the children have started their exams we hope and pray for good results and the best of luck to each and all of them.
I stand up on each tee and hope and pray that I find the fairway.
Today, for instance, women not only pray at the mosque but also participate in social activities there.
and what, pray, was the purpose of that?
In facing and planning for disasters, whether natural or man-made, we must do more than hope and pray for the best.
People fervently pray , hoping to keep the calamities at bay.
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Like Charlie, I hope and pray that everyone is able to get out there and vote.
In the meantime, let's hope and pray for a safe and quiet election season.
With the immediate talk of retaliation yesterday, I hope and pray that those in command consider their actions carefully.