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pratfall / полный провал, падение на зад
имя существительное
полный провал
pratfall, flunk, bomb
падение на зад
имя существительное
a fall onto one's buttocks.
he took a pratfall into the sand
he took a pratfall into the sand
And he also had a nation's sides splitting in the second-placed moment, a classic old-fashioned pratfall in which he falls through a raised bar flap while trying to impress two women in a pub.
The show ends where it began, balancing on the edge of a pratfall .
From the commedia dell'arte to Jackie Chan, the pratfall and other seemingly unpremeditated mishaps of physical humor have had a timeless appeal.
He plays innocent puppy passion perfectly and actually makes you feel Tom's pain without relying on a pratfall or incredibly idiotic double take.
For every philosophical joke there is a pratfall or sight gag offered to balance things out.
The fall, of course, was a choreographed pratfall , spoofing all the negative stories surrounding ‘Sweet Charity.’
he took a pratfall into the sand
They did every convention, from pratfalls to bad catch phrases to a live audience that laughed uproariously at the stupidest jokes - and were then accentuated by a laugh track.
He is constantly involved in physical pratfalls , more cartoon figure than a person.