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prank / шалость, шутка, выходка
имя существительное
prank, mischief, frolic, trick, caper, dido
joke, jest, fun, trick, prank, pleasantry
trick, prank, excess, vagary, vagrancy
dress up, dress, prank, spruce up, titivate, primp
dress up, dress, trig, prank, titivate, bedizen
decorate, adorn, garnish, dress, beautify, prank
имя существительное
a practical joke or mischievous act.
He loved to tease, and numerous times his friends were the victims of his practical pranks .
It almost seemed like a joke, a harmless prank one of his friends had pulled on him.
It has been reported in certain quarters that his actions are a prank or a public-relations stunt.
The mysterious and loosely knit movement has since spiralled and the group has played a series of hoaxes and pranks on the Italian media.
After these pranks , the second volume, covering the war years and their aftermath, was rather a let-down.
The local mischiefmakers played numerous pranks , leading to hilarious consequences.
The game starts out innocently, with the usual childhood pranks and mayhem.
Your sense of humor is part of your gift, whether it's subtle wit or pie-in-the-face prankish charm.
Engineers responsible for the pranks may also be facing academic discipline from the university.
It accuses him of ‘willful prankishness ’ and concludes that his ‘wrecking ball candidacy’ is a case of ‘ego run amok.’
It would play pranks and tricks on you over and over again until you would get annoyed and irritated.