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prang / бомбардировка, авария
имя существительное
bombardment, bombing, prang, plastering
accident, crash, failure, emergency, breakdown, prang
blitz, bomb out, prang
bring down, shoot down, knock, down, churn, prang
имя существительное
a crash involving a motor vehicle or aircraft.
A former driving school car is also easily spotted by the poor panel gaps and resprayed bodywork that come from the numerous minor prangs of learner drivers.
crash (a motor vehicle or aircraft).
They prang their aircraft on the summit of that, however, and all die through lack of oxygen.
The construction manager has just had his 127th prang after driving into a pothole, reported the newspaper.
So the next time you prang your car, check the calendar.
She is said to drive a Bentley, and it is reported this week that her entrepreneurial drive is unabated by her recent prang .
With no little panache, he swivelled outside the penalty area to prang a dipping shot beyond the goalkeeper, his first goal for Scotland and the first he has managed with his right foot since turning professional.
A four-vehicle prang on the A36 at Warminster on Saturday morning marked the start of the review period in the worst possible fashion.
I'm sure he'd much rather ding his bell a few times than have a prang and have to fill in a bunch of paperwork.
That the crew managed to recover and surface the boat after a head-on prang at 500 ft and 33 knots is miraculous.
The scar on the left side of his forehead, previously dismissed as coming from a car prang , was actually from the crash that killed his father and two friends on a visit to Africa.
But I shook off the prang and put an indifferent look on my face, sliding him a glance.
The prang in question is rear-ending - accounting for a quarter of all accidents - and caused predominantly by pure lack of attention, which is reckoned to be the cause of a half of all road accidents.