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prance / прыгать, гарцевать, становиться на дыбы
jump, leap, hop, skip, spring, prance
prance, caracole, tittup
становиться на дыбы
rear, rear up, buck, prance
имя существительное
гордая походка
надменная манера
jump, leap, hop, bounce, caper, prance
имя существительное
an act or instance of prancing.
Then we watch him prance (yes, it is a prance , there is no other way to describe it) around the room and yell ‘WHOOO WHOOOOOO’ at the relevant sections.
(of a horse) move with high springy steps.
the pony was prancing around the paddock
Do you think you can just prance around like that without me knowing where you're going?
After my lovely prance , I settled under some trees, rolling my towel out and pulling my sunglasses over my eyes.
I think I'll just prance outside looking like the Bride of Frankenstein's ugly stepsister and scare everyone into unconsciousness.
Is it that we like to dress up and put on makeup and dance and prance around?
Families and organizations sponsored the carving of each of the 38 ponies that prance around the carousel, which opened in 1995.
The five of us watched them prance around to rather lame and aging dance material before we all wandered off in search of something more stimulating.
Tall of body, long of leg, blonde of hair, heavy of spangles, she stepped right out with a megawatt grin and a snappy prance .
Watching him prance around the stage in that goofy knee-raising hop is quite a sight.
I don't just prance up to her and hand it over, do I?
Because today I would have my fun watching that man prance around in my scarf.