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prairie / степной, живущий в прерии
имя прилагательное
живущий в прерии
имя существительное
steppe, prairie, veld, veldt
имя существительное
a large open area of grassland, especially in the Mississippi River valley.
With these they are able to dramatise plains, prairies , steppes and meadows.
a steam locomotive of 2-6-2 wheel arrangement.
Prairie pothole marshes were present in two small prairie potholes that often dry completely in the summer.
The campus itself boasts 6800 acres of open water, fields, deciduous forests, restored prairie , and wetlands.
The redevelopment will restore prairie and riparian corridors within new city parks and open space.
In the prairie pothole region of the United States, blackbirds damage ripening sunflower crops.
Sedge meadow was distinguished from wet prairie by having more than half its dominants as sedge family species.
Limestone prairie habitat in Pennsylvania is seriously threatened.
In that place we had an open prairie not far from our house.
My friend and I have just come upon a picturesque farmhouse on a rolling prairie .
As a young woman she worked job to job, to help her parents make their prairie farm a home.
Other populations of Sioux are to be found in the prairie provinces of Canada.