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practicum / практикум
имя существительное
a practical section of a course of study.
In spring 1994 he failed a graduate student who, he alleges, attended only three of fifteen classes in a practicum education course.
In the Fall 2002 semester, a group of graduate students in a practicum on the teaching of composition had nearly the same debate.
This article describes their journey, which I, as a teacher educator with practicum students in the kindergarten classrooms, was fortunate to witness.
How important is the motivation of the student in determining whether a practicum is community service?
Early in the intermediate course, students select one child in their practicum classroom for focused observation.
In addition to the required teaching analysis class, dancers have the option of focusing on pedagogy and completing a teaching practicum at the university-affiliated dance academy.
In the third semester, students complete studies in career applications and group work, complete a practicum , and continue in the school counseling seminar.
Majors also complete a teaching practicum and a senior project in choreography and performance or dance research.
The practicum enables the student educators to do everything from running staff meetings to ordering supplies.
For example, the practicum students noted how the teaching strategies were transferred to the children and used with each other.
The first time I asked myself who the art belonged to, I was completing my student practicum by assisting an art-education teacher in an early morning childcare program at an elementary school.