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practically / практически, почти, фактически
practically, in the concrete
almost, nearly, about, near, most, practically
actually, in fact, virtually, de facto, practically, in effect
virtually; almost.
the risk of default was practically zero
in a practical manner.
It seems appropriate to consider what this might mean if it is really put into effect practically .
The whinnying was becoming louder, and the marching was practically drumming through her brain, it was so close.
Open and active communication lines are, in practically every case, essential to the health of a long term alliance.
They had lived there for nearly two decades, and Stephen had spent practically all of his academic life at the university.
the strike lasted practically a fortnight
It would be nice to think that you could bring dust levels down to zero in a mine but it was not practically possible.
It had been empty for two years and practically every door and window needed sanding and repainting.
He face was so close to hers that she could practically feel the warmth from it.
They became closer and closer till they were practically inseparable.
If this could be effectively tackled, practically all the present inadequacies would be overcome.
It is ludicrous to have practically empty vehicles belching out fumes and congesting our streets all day, all year.