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pox / сифилис, болезнь с высыпаниями на коже
имя существительное
syphilis, lues, pox
болезнь с высыпаниями на коже
имя существительное
any of several viral diseases producing a rash of pimples that become pus-filled and leave pockmarks on healing.
Smallpox was (the WHO declared it eradicated in 1977) a very ancient scourge related to, and possibly deriving from, one of the various animal poxes .
At most media companies, corrections are a pox , a bane on the reporter's existence.
And I do mean pox with full medieval connotations.
Other diseases that affect the overall health of finches, including pox and Mycoplasma galliceptum, cause males to grow a less red plumage.
Boswell's father wrote frankly to a female friend that his son had got the pox again; in reply, she noted that the disease had grown quite common.
The diagnosis was that of ‘bird pox ,’ an introduced disease that the Bureau had demonstrated during the previous summer in domestic chickens from Honolulu.
This pox, called the great pox , was in fact syphilis, a widespread health hazard at the time.
Venereal disease, especially syphilis or the pox , also featured prominently in abusive language.
These range from Gypsy moths to invasive plants and exotic diseases like West Nile virus and Monkey pox .
The invention was presented as a means of avoiding piles, pox and plague.
The other diseases are things like sheep and goat pox , blue tongue, African swine fever, and one could go on a bit further than that, but I think that's probably enough.