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powwow / заниматься знахарством, совещаться, обсуждать
заниматься знахарством
confer, consult, deliberate, hold a consultation, get together, pow-wow
discuss, debate, consider, argue, deliberate, dispute
имя существительное
quack, witch, doctor, voodoo, charlatan, quacksalver
witch, sorcerer, wizard, warlock, necromancer, exorcist
церемония заклинания
имя существительное
a North American Indian ceremony involving feasting, singing, and dancing.
I became obsessed and took part in sweat lodge ceremonies, pipe ceremonies, powwows and other Aboriginal spiritual events.
hold a powwow; confer.
news squads powwowed nervously
Still, a powwow is more than just dancing, drumming and eating Indian tacos; it's a bonding experience for the Aboriginal community.
If things are as you say, you need to have a major powwow with your husband and discuss his relationship with his mother.
One minute, he's in a strategic powwow with top executives, in the next, he's peppered with questions from financial news reporters.
That year, there was a national powwow with dances and ceremonies.
At one point during the annual sales powwow at a San Francisco convention center in August, a wizened Chambers came out from behind the podium to be closer to the 10,000 salespeople.
The last time I had been in Red Lake I was with my mother, sister, nieces, nephews and in-laws for a powwow .
The leaders of both sides of the argument will powwow in Miami.
The park had denied permission allegedly because park rules stipulate that events must end by a specified time, whereas ‘a proper powwow goes on all night.’
How and when the powwow began is complex, embedded in ancient cultural heritage and symbolism.
After the crew ties the boats off to the right-hand bank and scouts the rapid, the two put their heads together for a powwow .