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powerless / бессильный, беспомощный
имя прилагательное
powerless, impotent, weak, feeble, nerveless, strengthless
helpless, powerless, feckless, shiftless, aidless
имя прилагательное
without ability, influence, or power.
troops were powerless to stop last night's shooting
This gradually ebbed as they seemed powerless to prevent their opponents decamping in their half.
Many don't even know there's a code of ethics, or if they do, feel powerless to enforce it.
He knew what was going to happen next, and the worse thing was, he was powerless to stop it.
I could hear myself snapping at my daughter and bullying my husband but I was powerless to stop.
If the developers decide to put the road on part of the track bed then the town council will be powerless to stop them.
Many communities, especially those near schools, feel powerless to stop the march of the masts.
Many residents, who have had all their tyres slashed, say police seem powerless to stop it.
They kept floating upwards and at first, even with my weight belt on, I was powerless to stop them.
The Government can control some areas of policy and are powerless to control others.
British politicians think that we are powerless to resist the temptations of convenience food.