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powerhouse / электростанция, силовая станция, очень энергичный человек
имя существительное
power plant, power station, powerhouse, electrical power station
силовая станция
очень энергичный человек
Germany's economic powerhouse
The result meant the Dutch didn't follow five more powerhouse teams out of the championship.
New Zealand was transformed from a tiny country known for having more sheep than people to a global creative powerhouse .
She holds this difficult movie together in a powerhouse performance of quiet steel.
But in all fairness, Ottawa is a perennial powerhouse .
A year on, he's gone from being a political outcast to a powerhouse of campaigning energy.
He realizes how tough it is to compete against the resources of the powerhouse teams.
A nutritional powerhouse , kale is adored by foodies and nutritionists alike.
she appears to be an intellectual powerhouse
I got very little sleep, but I was a powerhouse of restless energy.