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powerful / мощный, сильный, могущественный
имя прилагательное
powerful, potent, mighty, heavy, forceful, sledgehammer
strong, keen, powerful, severe, heavy, hard
powerful, mighty, potent, puissant, imperious, prepotent
имя прилагательное
having great power or strength.
a fast, powerful car
walking in this weather is powerful hot work
It's sometimes I think the best analogy for a koan is a painting that has a powerful effect on you.
Reed ensured he was in a powerful position to influence how much scrutiny the council applied to the Forum.
But Alistair Brown lunged to his right to turn the powerful header round the post.
She sounds invulnerable, not because she's powerful but because she's so darned nice.
Newspapers and magazines were equally powerful cultural influences on public opinion.
Yet, it is the simplicity of these principles that makes them so powerful .
a powerful hard wee man
he did a powerful amount of work
he's a powerful speaker
And the men controlling the most powerful countries in the world ought to be ashamed.