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powerboat / моторная лодка, моторный катер
имя существительное
моторная лодка
powerboat, motorboat, motor, launch
моторный катер
powerboat, motorboat
имя существительное
a motorboat designed for racing or recreation.
The suspended flotilla includes modern powerboats , yachts and coracles.
If it's a powerboat , some traditionalists suggest running it aground (gently, of course).
Sailors also need to be aware that even though they have a sail up, they are considered a powerboat if the engine is on.
But as anyone with a powerboat knows, fuel prices at the marina fuel dock are markedly higher than those on the corner gas station.
Whether it's a small tank on a sailboat, or a large tank on a powerboat , we think it would work well.
Show your support and love of boating by choosing the card that depicts an exhilarating ride on a powerboat or the card that features a sailboat with spinnaker flying.
Say, for example, boat buyers are interested in an upscale powerboat .
A total of 15 boats participated, including eight monohull and four multihull sailboats, and three powerboats .
On small powerboats , lift the lower unit or outdrive.
It had stopped raining, but was still very overcast; even so, the lights of Manhattan and the armada of cruise ships and powerboats spread out underneath us were spectacular.
Much of its activity is centred around the riva - the promenade - filled with a jostle of yachts, powerboats and hydrofoils that can ferry you to tiny ports along a coastline dotted with unspoilt beaches and 1,185 islands.