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pow / военнопленный
P.O.W., pw.
expressing the sound of a blow or explosion.
Pow! Bombs went off on six beaches at once
prisoner of war.
You had an idea, took it to a games company and pow … off you go and finish the code.
All the mileage he had on that arm built up and… pow … it was almost gone, if not for a miracle of surgery that's near common today.
I figured I'd pull my boat the few feet back to deeper water, hop back in, and pow , I'd be off.
Then, pow , and she was on the floor, and he was standing over her.
They get these snails over there and they just - pow !
Anyway, my resistance to change collapsed with the appearance on the business scene in North Yorkshire of two new ventures which were designed to inject a bit of zip, zap and pow into my presence.
I had to go up and down, with the right hand from the jab, set it out with the jab - pow - right to the body, get back to the head, mix it up.
Not only did he once support himself painting billboards, but he makes art that draws upon their color, scale, iconography, and compositional pow !
Any pitcher can get overused or take a ball off their head and pow - in an instant the whole rotation or pen has changed.
And - something else most journalists should know - quite often you look away for a moment and pow , there it is on the front page with standardised spelling.