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poverty-stricken / бедный, бедствующий, малообеспеченный
имя прилагательное
poor, lean, penniless, meager, humble, poverty-stricken
distressed, needy, poverty-ridden, poverty-stricken
needy, poverty-stricken
имя прилагательное
extremely poor.
thousands of poverty-stricken people
Even in their poverty-stricken condition, they could not forget that their father had once been a land-owner.
Others are the lost and lonely, the homeless and poverty-stricken .
Among the poverty-stricken urban dwellers children often work as mechanics' assistants, tea sellers, or maidservants.
His mission was to capture the poverty-stricken lives of rural sharecroppers.
It is a simple but engrossing thriller set around an under-resourced hospital in a poverty-stricken township.
The woman's later life is described as lonely and poverty-stricken .
I saw people who are poverty-stricken but extremely rich within.
The academy subsidised poverty-stricken exiles and gave a voice to a huge community of intellectuals scattered across the globe.
There is immoral, unethical and illegal prosperity on the one side and poverty-stricken people who are moral and ethical on the other.
He provides a heart-rending account of the daily torment of sheer survival in this most poverty-stricken country in Asia.