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poverty / бедность, нищета, скудость
имя существительное
poverty, poorness, misery, indigence, penury, need
poverty, misery, destitution, squalor, pauperism, beggary
poverty, scarcity, scantiness, barrenness, exiguity, tenuity
имя существительное
the state of being extremely poor.
thousands of families are living in abject poverty
It was dirty, full of poverty , and the politics were full of corruption.
A life of poverty , tradition and religious dread suffuses songs steeped in misery and learnt by word of mouth.
He did not come to save his people from aimlessness, poverty or political adversity.
the poverty of her imagination
thousands of families are living in abject poverty
You can prosecute a few people but as long as there is poverty , corruption will continue to exist.
Looking at this village now, it is hard to imagine the poverty that existed here 100 years ago.
It shows a complete poverty of imagination and a vast amount of callousness.
It captures the simmering rage and imaginative poverty that was part of the Thatcherite psyche.
This is the only humane approach to those fleeing violence, poverty and oppression.