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pour / полить, лить, наливать
pour, pour on
pour, shed, cast, rain, run, found
pour, pour out, pour in, run, tap
имя существительное
shower, downpour, rainfall, cloudburst, deluge, pour
gate, intake, pour, funnel
(especially of a liquid) flow rapidly in a steady stream.
water poured off the roof
To serve, pour the tea from high above the glasses to aerate and amplify the character of the tea and garnish with mint.
They pour their money into primaries and try to influence the GOP outcome.
However, if you add milk to the cup first and pour tea on top, the milk will be more gradually diluted in the hot water, cooling the tea bit by bit as it is added and will therefore rise in temperature more slowly.
Why, for example, did professional money managers pour funds into the stocks of Internet companies that had no profits and no prospects?
But water also seemed to pour in from higher up, causing it to flow down Doomgate and into Chapel Street where it flooded homes.
I drop two lumps of brown sugar into my cup and pour the coffee and milk in together.
Maybe they'd want to pour the money into world travel or political activism or the charity of their choice or a really nice ride.
You had to pour your own money into this film to get it going.
She felt something press against her lips, and cool water began to pour into her mouth.
Letters pour in from around the world offering condolences and support.