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pounce / внезапно атаковать, набрасываться, воспользоваться
внезапно атаковать
pounce, lash out, attack, come down, wade into, strike out
take advantage of, make use of, seize, profit, embrace, pounce
имя существительное
claw, nail, talon, pounce, unguis
внезапный наскок
внезапный прыжок
имя существительное
a sudden swoop or spring.
The time between the pounce and the jump seemed an eternity, although it was only seconds.
a fine resinous powder formerly used to prevent ink from spreading on unglazed paper or to prepare parchment to receive writing.
(of an animal or bird of prey) spring or swoop suddenly so as to catch prey.
the wolf pounced on the rat
smooth down by rubbing with pounce or pumice.
The example shown in Plate IX is unusual for its green ground, which was achieved by pouncing the surface with copper oxide while the clay was damp.
transfer (a design) by the use of pounce.
Surviving examples of drawings that have been pounced are indeed disfigured by cloudy smears of charcoal dust.
Reality came at him like the pounce of a stalking predator.
She sank onto the couch, not quite relaxing, almost like a cat crouching before the pounce .
Pedants pounce on such tell-tale signs that what purports to be an image of Shakespeare is really an idealised image of the biographer himself.
reporters who are just as eager to pounce on a gaffe as on a significant news story
As actual practice can demonstrate, if a pricked design is pounced from its verso, the pounce marks register more distinctly, than if pounced from the recto.
Every time the butterfly would fly higher the kitten would pounce at the air and end up falling to the ground.
The demon, full of the momentum of the pounce , tumbled easily through after her.
Competitors are ready to pounce on any weakness.
I watched for the animal but it still surprised me with a pounce onto the rock opposite the pond from me.
Like a cat poised to pounce on his prey, he was ready.