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pouch / сумка, мешочек, кисет
имя существительное
bag, pouch, handbag, purse, case, satchel
pouch, sac, follicle
pouch, tobacco pouch
делать напуск
класть в сумку
класть в карман
pocket, pouch
имя существительное
a small bag or other flexible receptacle, typically carried in a pocket or attached to a belt.
a tobacco pouch
a pocketlike abdominal receptacle in which marsupials carry their young during lactation.
The primary difference is that the young are not raised in a special pouch , as in marsupials.
put into a pouch.
he stopped, pouched his tickets, and plodded on
make (part of a garment) hang like a pouch.
the muslin is lightly pouched over the belt
He also pulled out a smaller, leather pouch .
The boy was digging through a pouch at his hip.
It's a unique, dog-like marsupial that climbs trees, lives for only five years, and carries its young in a pouch that faces backwards.
A male with his brood pouch is seen in the foreground, and two enclosed females in the back.
As soon as they are expelled from the pouch , the young are on their own.
A cross-belt might carry his carbine or contain an ammunition pouch .
He hunched down on the seat across from him and opened up a little drawstring pouch around his waist.
I unzipped the side pouch on the bag and pulled out a new clip and loaded it.
He looked relieved, then reached into a pouch at his belt to produce his pipe and tobacco.
He pulled open a pouch hanging from his belt.