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pottery / керамика, гончарные изделия, глиняная посуда
имя существительное
ceramics, pottery, earthenware
гончарные изделия
pottery, earthenware
глиняная посуда
pottery, earthenware, clayware, crockery, stoneware
имя существительное
pots, dishes, and other articles made of earthenware or baked clay. Pottery can be broadly divided into earthenware, porcelain, and stoneware.
The Japanese use the word yaki for porcelain, pottery and earthenware alike.
Few pieces of Chinese porcelain or pottery made prior to the 14th century bear reign marks and those that do should be viewed with suspicion.
There are opportunities for people to use their creative abilities in fine dancing, needlework, illumination, and other crafts such as pottery .
These rooms contain tens of thousands of clay pots, pottery shards, copper and bronze weapons, tools and statuettes.
Among the activities will be pottery , arts and crafts, dancing, film making and Information Technology work.
Satsuma ware is something between porcelain and pottery .
The Japanese use the word yaki for porcelain, pottery and earthenware alike.
One of the ways the organisation works to keep children off the street is by getting them involved in arts and crafts, like pottery and printing.
Fulani men are less involved in the production of crafts such as pottery , iron-working, and dyeing than some neighboring peoples.
courses include drawing, painting, and pottery
Historically ceramics production was widely dispersed, its main branches being brick and tile, pottery and porcelain manufacture.