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potter / гончар
имя существительное
potter, ceramist, thrower
swarm, potter
работать лениво
potter, potter about, putter
loaf, idle, putter, mess around, mess, potter
имя существительное
a person who makes pottery.
Following Meissen and Sèvres products, British potters began to use china clay or kaolin, when in 1768 William Cookworthy, a Plymouth chemist, proved the potential of the kaolin reserves of Cornwall.
Last night after I'd done some ferocious blogging and blog-surfing I began to potter home.
At only 10m to the seabed and rising to within a metre or two of the surface, it provides an ideal depth to potter about following a first dive on one of the deeper Channel wrecks.
So will Marie now close the front door of her home and put on her slippers and potter about the house, now she has mornings on her hands.
The latter is a whizz-fast futuristic racer, the former a calm, abstract, flight-game where you potter about flying jetpacks, autogyros, and parachutes.
Guiseppe has told me that he caught you poking sadly about at what remains of the old vegetable garden, so if you wish you may potter about in it to your heart's content.
an afternoon's potter through the rooms and possessions of the rich
I might potter into Nice for the day
My parents, as they potter through Camberwell and snooty suburbs walking their dog, chat away with locals and the subject often comes up.
I used to love trotting out of a morning to potter about the wilderness in my gown and pyjamas, all unshaved and generally unkempt.
What that really means is that I'm going to potter about with my templates and make lots of unnecessary changes to indulge my need to do something other than study.