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potted / консервированный, комнатный, выращиваемый в горшке
имя прилагательное
canned, preserved, tinned, potted, conserved
indoor, potted, pet
выращиваемый в горшке
имя прилагательное
(of a plant) planted or grown in a flowerpot and usually kept indoors.
an array of exotic potted palms
intoxicated by drink or drugs, especially marijuana.
a party where everybody was pretty much potted
plant in a flowerpot.
pot individual cuttings as soon as you see new young leaves
preserve (food, especially meat or fish) in a sealed pot or jar.
venison can be potted in the same way as tongue
hit or kill (someone or something) by shooting.
he was shot in the eye as neighbors potted clay pigeons
Smoked salmon on brown bread sandwiches, potted shrimp rolls and roast venison with Balmoral redcurrant and port jelly on white bread were on offer as well.
It is not that there's anything wrong with the dishes described on the menu: I like potted shrimps, grouse, salt beef and tongue, omelette Arnold Bennett.
Dave, as good as his word, went off on his world tour, getting as far as a potted yucca plant in an Australian bar before the money ran out.
If, on the other hand, you plan on selling potted plants, hanging baskets, tropical foliage or flats, a greenhouse becomes a necessity.
Then, make it a focal point with potted flowers, lawn ornaments, or themed decorations.
On the top of the frame, they added a shelf with a tray to display some potted plants and flowers.
Cocaine, groupies, booze and rehab all feature prominently in many musicians' potted biographies.
Roast venison with port jelly and potted shrimp rolls also graced the low-key menu.
‘Finally, a word about British objectives’, he announces near the beginning of this potted history of the Cold War.
The bodies are positioned in the exhibition - entrance £10 for adults - among potted trees and plants, making a wander through like something out of the Lost World.