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potpourri / попурри, ароматическая смесь
имя существительное
medley, potpourri, bouillabaisse, pastiche, motley, olio
ароматическая смесь
имя существительное
a mixture of dried petals and spices placed in a bowl or small sack to perfume clothing or a room.
From room deodorizers and potpourri to non-organic breakfasts and sheets that reek of bleach, the typical overnight stay can seem so toxic you'd almost rather stay home.
Keep candles, potpourri , matches, cigarettes, etc., out of reach.
Pretty by itself, the arrangement also makes a nice backdrop for a bowl offering party favors - this one a little linen bag filled with potpourri and cinched with a satin ribbon.
he played a potpourri of tunes from Gilbert and Sullivan
This course was developed to cover a potpourri of topics prior to the selection of advanced practice rotation sites.
His column is a potpourri of banal observations, some ever so slightly to the left of the American political establishment, some to the right.
They were at his apartment now, replaced by scented candles and bowls of potpourri .
The leaves are used in potpourri , teas, and cooking.
Advertisers are left to select a potpourri of shows and networks to reach Xers - and sometimes to throw in radio and online advertising.
A home scent, this crystallike potpourri contains Egyptian resin infused with notes of iced pineapple, peony, dianthus and white musk.
One method would be to take squares of cloth and make little pillows about 4 inches square stuffed with herbs or nicely scented potpourri .