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potion / зелье, снадобье, доза лекарства
имя существительное
potion, creature
potion, nostrum, arcanum
доза лекарства
drench, potion
имя существительное
a liquid with healing, magical, or poisonous properties.
a love potion
I am sure that my ex-boyfriend was attracted to her because she used a love potion .
Sometimes a girl would try to drug her boyfriend or make him sleep late by putting a spell on him with a love potion .
a love potion
a love potion
The fact that the lovers do not know that they are drinking a love potion makes the potion truly magic, for they fall in love when they have drunk it.
She was busy looking through her cabinets at all sorts of magic healing potions .
On the bedside table is the paraphernalia of sickness: the pills and the potions , syringes, lubricants and swabs.
As more and more of us live longer, and become more affluent, the race for new pills and potions to combat the effects of ageing is speeding up.
Although you can find or buy healing potions , they are expensive and lack potency.
They drank and drank those potions and elixirs that put out the fires or started them.