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pothole / выбоина, рытвина, колдобина
имя существительное
pothole, dent, pock, pockmark, corrugation, pocket
pothole, gully, hollow, pitfall, delve
pothole, rut, slough, thank-you-ma'am
заниматься спелеологией
имя существительное
a deep natural underground cavity formed by the erosion of rock, especially by the action of water.
Bats spend the summer living in trees and buildings, and retreat to caves and potholes in winter, to hibernate.
Balanced on a log suspended over a glacial pothole , she is searching the foot-deep water for endangered howellia and their delicate white florets no bigger than her baby finger.
The dark hole near Pwll Fanogl, believed by some to be a massive pothole in the limestone, is nearly 30m deep.
In the prairie pothole region of the United States, blackbirds damage ripening sunflower crops.
The second feature is a deep cave or pothole on Wet Rain Hill, just above Liz's Burn, called Bell Hollow.
A prehistoric occupation site was discovered at the bottom of a hollow some 600 sq. m. in area, resulting from the collapse of an underground pothole .
During the hectic work schedule it was hoped they would visit the deepest pothole in Asia, the Ghar Parau, discovered by an English expedition in 1971 which reached 751 metres deep.
The front right wheel clattered through a deep pothole filled with dark rain water which splashed up, showering the front of the van.
Pedestrians aren't exactly better off, for they are the ones who get splashed with muddy water every time a vehicle lurches into a pothole .
The refuge's north unit contains the 8,700-acre Medicine Lake, eight smaller lakes, and numerous pothole wetlands.
The entire road is a pothole - a red-earth track with occasional rafts of Tarmac which drivers avoid at all costs for fear of wrecking their suspension.