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potentate / властелин, монарх
имя существительное
monarch, king, sovereign, potentate
имя существительное
a monarch or ruler, especially an autocratic one.
The Dutch tried to put it together and were able to keep it together through playing sultans and local princes and potentates off against one another for several centuries.
The power of a star on the set is tantamount to that of a potentate .
Knighted by Queen Victoria in 1848, he made himself an independent potentate .
Marco Polo, like many Europeans after him, remarked on the curious fact that local potentates wore minimal clothing with loads of jewellery.
It is very serious, very diplomatic-looking; you could imagine it being driven by foreign potentates and dictators.
Perhaps a time bomb has been planted under the thrones of Arab potentates - kings, emirs and presidents.
Their faces were as immobile as those of potentates receiving tribute from conquered tribes.
Like Renaissance princes, its potentates create their own moral universe.
Elected officials come and go, but the military potentates , policies and budgets go on and on.
These states have remained theocracies, and so sharia, or Koranic law, remains the highest authority, even for secular potentates .
Renaissance potentates kept dwarfs, whom they dressed up, slobbered over, passed around at the dinner table, or presented as gifts to influential friends.