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potency / потенция, эффективность, сила
имя существительное
efficiency, effectiveness, performance, efficacy, potency, punch
force, power, strength, intensity, might, potency
имя существительное
the power of something to affect the mind or body.
a myth of enormous potency
a male's ability to achieve an erection or to reach orgasm.
medications that diminish sexual potency
medications that diminish sexual potency
Second, an IC 50 cut-off greater than 100m M is said to be related to the need for there to be a relationship between in vitro and in vivo potency .
The data for these two PAH compounds demonstrate a large variation in adduct-forming potency , which should be taken into account when estimating DNA adducts formed by mixtures of unknown PAHs.
The cell produced by ANT-OAR would have all of the positive properties of a pluripotent stem cell - as well as all of the restrictions in developmental potency such cells normally exhibit.
These peptides also inhibited proliferation, angiogenesis, and ERK activation induced by basic fibroblast growth factor with similar potency and efficacy.
Repeated studies have shown that men reach their peak potency at 18, while women do not gain the ability to achieve full sexual satisfaction until their mid-thirties.
So, the secret to male potency is probably to be summed up as his ego.
Due to its extreme mutagenic potency , this compound constitutes an interesting model to study the mutagenic action of nitrofurans.
she was given a low potency twice daily
If you notice that an advertiser is associating a new car with sexual potency , you can decide to take it or leave it on more rational grounds.