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potboiler / халтура, халтурщик
имя существительное
trash, potboiler, hackwork, quickie, bust, botchery
potboiler, sloven
имя существительное
a book, painting, or recording produced merely to make the writer or artist a living by catering to popular taste.
They may as well have called it deep six, because the film plummeted into a predictable pastiche of previous potboilers .
As art, it was essentially a potboiler , refusing any commerce with physical or psychological detail.
Thirdly, and not least importantly, the novel lives up to the advertisement of being a potboiler and not just another placid semi-documentary history of the Kashmir imbroglio.
It topped the Publishers Weekly annual bestseller list that year and was turned into a Hollywood potboiler (starring Jean Simmons and Victor Mature) in 1954.
Meanwhile, his twin brother Donald is writing his own screenplay, a shameless potboiler that has no pretensions of art, but every intention of wealth.
A make-belief potboiler , the film has grossed over a crore in a week.
The material from the two Faust treatments is perhaps less convincing, and Berlioz's arrangement of The Marseillaise at the end the disc is an unnecessary potboiler .
Here was an unserious, part-time author having it all and more for a potboiler !
It's a fast paced film with a solid screenplay, a masala potboiler .
He learnt Italian in order to research the book, written in the style of a detective potboiler .
As for the story, it is a potboiler in the tradition of the best film noir.