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potable / питьевой, годный для питья
имя прилагательное
drinking, potable
годный для питья
drinkable, potable
имя существительное
potables, potable, drinkables
имя прилагательное
safe to drink; drinkable.
there is no supply of potable water available
Although it is no longer used for drinking, the basin did supply the town's potable water until the 1960s.
So we are just using normal potable water for drinking.
Before the advent of reliable potable water sources, beer was a way to ensure a safe drinking beverage while also supplying nutrients.
Such restrictions mean that potable water is not available for other uses, placing additional strain on the remaining sources.
The projects will upgrade 15 systems, each including water wells, compact potable water treatment plants and pumps.
Knowledge of cleanliness, sanitation, clean potable water, and basic amenities for primary health in every village is an admirable beginning.
Access to clean, potable water is widely considered to be a human right.
Keep all food items and potable water well covered.
A clean-up would create a better road and probably safer water for campers, who get potable water from small creeks that run through the site.
Opened in May 1998, the lodge runs on solar power, has plenty of potable water, and serves exquisite local fare.