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pot / горшок, банка, котел
имя существительное
bank, jar, pot, tin, bench, shoal
boiler, pot, cauldron, caldron, kettle, copper
заготовлять впрок
pot, preserve
сажать ребенка на горшок
shoot, shoot down, plug, pot
имя существительное
a container, typically rounded or cylindrical and of ceramic ware or metal, used for storage or cooking.
clay pots for keeping water cool in summer
any of various containers made for a particular purpose.
a yogurt pot
the total sum of the bets made on a round in poker and other card games.
Jim raked in the pot
a potbelly.
As I explained to Shawn, I feel a great amount of back fat, and the lower-slung jeans that I wear make the pot that is my belly especially obvious to me.
a toilet.
Nothing like walking in on someone sitting on the pot .
plant in a flowerpot.
pot individual cuttings as soon as you see new young leaves
preserve (food, especially meat or fish) in a sealed pot or jar.
venison can be potted in the same way as tongue
hit or kill (someone or something) by shooting.
he was shot in the eye as neighbors potted clay pigeons
Together they will create a pot of £450,000 a year and the first signs of how that money will spent will be seen on September 23.
For this the hostesses get very well paid and so it is a lucrative line of business, especially for a foreign hostess who can earn a pot of cash in three months and then disappear on holiday for the rest of the year.
why not paint or pot in the sun this winter?
Yesterday staff, local craftspeople and builders who worked on the new branch toasted its success with a glass of champagne rather than a pot of tea.
Together we drank five cups and the pot was still not dry.
And if you happen to catch an ace or a king, that's likely to win the pot too.
First, it means less money in the pot , so that fewer tutors can be hired and average tutorial sizes continue to get larger and larger.
As no pot was smoked in public, all charges are summarily dismissed without prejudice.
If several people are staying, the pot will return better odds and may be worth a chase.
At the end of a hand, the dealer retains anything that is left in the pot , and the deal passes to the next player.