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posture / поза, положение, осанка
имя существительное
pose, posture, position, attitude, stance, plant
position, location, situation, provision, state, posture
posture, bearing, carriage, deportment, attitude, set
ставить в позу
pose, sit, posture, peacock
имя существительное
a position of a person's body when standing or sitting.
he stood in a flamboyant posture with his hands on his hips
a particular way of dealing with or considering something; an approach or attitude.
labor unions adopted a more militant posture in wage negotiations
behave in a way that is intended to impress or mislead others.
a masking of fear with macho posturing
place (someone) in a particular attitude or pose.
and still these two were postured motionless
he took ballet lessons to improve his posture
Yoga practice can help improve your posture , breathing and concentration as well as reducing stress levels.
You straighten my posture , leaving standing entirely up to me.
Quite often, simply balancing your sitting posture can reduce mid-back tension.
Help may also be had through physiotherapy, advice on improving the posture , use of a soft surgical collar, advice on avoiding bending or stooping and on how best to carry weights.
I improved my posture - with my legs more flexed and my upper body more upright, I'm not over the ball as much.
Arms-length disengagement or a perpetual posture of ‘standing ready to help’ is now woefully inadequate.
The posture is somehow defiant, although her expression is anything but.
Mounts were posed in an aggressive posture with wings drooped, tail fanned and beak slightly open, as though they were singing.
I got out of the car in an alert posture