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postscript / постскриптум, комментарий к выпуску новостей, любая дополнительная информация
имя существительное
postscript, postscriptum
комментарий к выпуску новостей
любая дополнительная информация
имя существительное
an additional remark at the end of a letter, after the signature and introduced by “P.S.”.
he added a postscript: “Leaving tomorrow.”
имя существительное
a page description language that is an industry standard for outputting high-resolution text and graphics.
PostScript documents are programs executed by a PostScript interpreter and sent to print servers that only accept passive input text.
My tongue-in-cheek postscript admits that I don't know everything about this band, that there's more to the story, and throws in a few cheap shots.
A postscript to my post on US treatment of North Korea yesterday.
As a postscript to my travels, I thought I'd leave you with some Top Fives from Europe.
In chapter 9 and in the postscript , the authors take on the use of genetics to prove that some races are inherently more intelligent than others and thoroughly debunk these approaches.
The violence continued sporadically for months; and months after it had died down, anonymous avengers riposted with a cycle of bomb blasts, a horrific postscript to the slaughter.
However, since this mode was included in previous versions, it feels more like a postscript than a true addition or novelty.
As part of a postscript to all of this, her boyfriend says he's forgiven her in his heart.
I had considered deleting this post altogether - and perhaps this would still be a good idea - but, since other blogs had linked to it, decided instead to add this postscript .
As a postscript your readers may have noticed that this individual has been allowed to have two letters published in the same edition, although she describes herself differently in each letter.
But what intrigued me most of all was a postscript was appended to the Hardy letter: ‘Remember me to Coffin and the admiral.’