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postpone / откладывать, отсрочивать
save, put off, delay, postpone, defer, deposit
defer, delay, postpone, stay, adjourn, prolong
cause or arrange for (something) to take place at a time later than that first scheduled.
the visit had to be postponed for some time
Worries about crime led councillors to postpone a decision on a leisure trail on a former railway.
Meanwhile the council is planning to postpone the introduction of recycling schemes for flats.
So I say to my fellow postponers - be proud, be productive, be a procrastinator!
In addition, there is the Treasury pressure, acute at the moment, to look critically at all avoidable or postponable expenditure (there is a war, of uncertain scope and duration, to be paid for).
To my surprise she now seemed to believe my problems and was considering postponing my death sentence.
The Prime Minister postponing the announcement of the election for 24 hours was a good one as well.
Yet all this is merely postponing the inevitable.
Why has every single, even remotely, controversial decision been postponed until October?
Lawyers have another two hours to file briefs for and against postponing the October 7 recall.
They keep postponing it, and even their promises are not being fulfilled.