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postmodern / постмодернистский
имя прилагательное
subsequent to or coming later than that which is modern.
the illusionary nature of postmodern life
This voice has been facilitated recently by postmodern movement in literary theory and practice.
However, if modern, postmodern , and premodern forms of war overlap with each other, each mode has distinctive features.
In the modern / postmodern era, the perduring problem is relativism.
If clerking was an integral part of the emerging modern industrial order as the author asserts, then clerks were, by definition, modern not postmodern .
The appeal of such stories may be explained by the need (conscious or not) of modern or postmodern viewers to be reconnected to the roots of drama or of life itself.
Perhaps a genuine, unflinching intellectual engagement between faith and its modern and postmodern alternatives is possible.
Reader-directed irony, that by now classical stylistic device of postmodern literature, pervades the ancient play.
We are both modern and postmodern and yet not defined by either.
the postmodern era
They build on and support changes that have been developing in critical theory during the postmodern era.