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postmark / почтовый штемпель
имя существительное
почтовый штемпель
postmark, mark, impress
stamp (a letter or other postal package) officially with a postmark.
the letter was postmarked New York
имя существительное
an official mark stamped on a letter or other postal package, giving the place, date, and time of posting, and serving to cancel the postage stamp.
an envelope with a London postmark
Ah yes, of course, the postmark on that letter proves that the suspect was in Seattle at the time of the murder, therefore, it must be his evil twin who did the killing.
It had no postage (of course), no postmark and no postage due.
Because of its colour, it was sometimes difficult to detect the postmark and so many people tried to reuse used Penny Blacks that it was quickly replaced by the Penny Red.
an envelope with a London postmark
the package had a York postmark
We looked at the postmark on the letter and compared it to the news reports of Bill's death.
Well, apparently, the attorney general has said that, and as long as there is a signature and a date on them without the postmark , they will allow it.
If Brian really is coming for me, it will be a week or more before he arrives, judging from the postmark on that letter.
We eagerly await the first letter that comes to us with a Spanish postmark !
Her letters would be in my hands four days after the date on the postmark .